About me...

Hello!, I am a 27 year old System Administrator, Web Developer and Consultant, based and raise in México, currently living at México City

I've been on internet since 1997, i have seen born and die a lot of sites, fashions, new waves, etc., from hotbot to google, from hotmail to gmail, from napster to torrents, from icq to [ugly] msn, i developed web applications since <table>,<font> to css, dom, ajax, from cgi to django, codeigniter, etc.

I'm a linux and FOSS advocator, been using Linux since 1999 and never look back, so i acquired great experience with unix systems and now i work as system administrator at webcom.com.mx

However i studied "Computer Systems Engineering", so with my passion of programming systems i decided among some friends of mine work as consultants and web developers at ideaslabs.com where i can let my creativity to fly.